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The Patriot Box is a great choice for a new sim player or a veteran! Everything you want in a powerful unit. Faceplates can be customized to anything you want at no extra charge! Comes standard with color changeable backlighting. Includes a remote with 15 color options and 4 lighting effects. Measures 8.25"x 6.5" x 3". Look in the Gallery for more pics. An Astatic CB mic add on is an option in black, chrome or American flag design. All Audio transmission is handled through a USB cord. This is more reliable and clearer than through an auxiliary cord. The entire box and audio run off of just ONE USB cord! USB Cord length is 10FT. The circle colored brake knobs are labeled as the "custom" option and the yellow and red knobs with the labels are the "standard" option. Your kit includes 2 90 degree metal brackets for mounting to a surface, or you can pair it with the Patriot Box angle mount under Box accessories. BE AWARE, Black font does not show up well on the wood grain pattern. White is reccomended. Toggle Extensions are NOT included. A link to purchase them is under "box accessories." To see a video---> Be sure to read the “policies” page on our site before ordering.

The Patriot Box

Fuel Button Color
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  • All Boxes are made to order. Please look at the "current shipping times" page for product shipping times. You may add an Custom logo or image to your faceplate if desired. Please message us the Image or logo via E mail or Facebook and indicate that you are doing so in the "notes" section of your order. 

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