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Keep in mind these times are ESTIMATES. NOT guarantees. I do not Guarantee any times. For more info view the "Policies" page. 

Budget Shifters- 1-5 Business Days

Eaton Shift knobs- 3-4 Weeks

Patriot Boxes- 1-5 Business Days

Patriot XL Boxes- 3-4 Weeks

Turn Signals- 1-5 Business Days

Shifter Extensions- 1-5 Business Days

Wheel Adapters- 1 Business Day

Auto Shifters-1-5 Business Days

Steering Wheels- Up to 10 Business days Depending on stock

Package pickups are Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. You may receive your tracking E mail a day or two before a Pickup. The tracking E mail does not mean your order is out the door. It means your order is complete and being packaged for the next pickup. Also after Pickup is completed it may take up to 24 hours for tracking to update.

THESE ARE NOT GUARANTEES. These are ESTIMATES. Times may change after you order.

Please keep in mind:

-If you order multiple items in one order THEY ARE SHIPPED TOGETHER. For example, if you order a shifter and a turn signal, all of it is shipped according to the timeline of the shifter. If you'd like to receive items before others, multiple orders must be placed. 

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