These times are live. This is how long it's taking for certain items to ship right this moment. For more info view our "Policies" page. 

Shift Knobs- 6-8 Weeks

Shift knobs with Chrome Parts or Easy Jakes- approximately 14 weeks. (chrome parts/ easy jakes are on backorder from suppliers.)

Patriot Boxes- 17 weeks

Patriot XL Boxes- 22 weeks

Turn Signals- 3-5 Days 

Shifter Extensions- 1-3 days

Wheel Adapters- 1-3 Days

Everything else- 1 week (unless otherwise Marked)

Keep in mind the times are subject to change after placing your order. 

Some things that affect shipping times to keep in mind:

-Demand is very high (which is good) but I'm a one man show here. I do not sacrifice quality for quantity. 

-The current Chip shortage. I have dozens of boxes completed just waiting on Boards to come in for them. 

-Chrome range selector toggle covers are on backorder as well. I have several ordered, but am waiting on them. if you have ordered a custom style shifter or a shifter with chrome toggles. the delay is due to this. 

-I stock over 200 items to keep the shop running. As everyone knows, things are out of stock and hard to get  given the current global circumstances. 

-If you order multiple items in one order THEY ARE SHIPPED TOGETHER. For example, if you order a shifter and a turn signal, all of it is shipped according to the timeline of the shifter. If you'd like to receive items before others, multiple orders must be placed. 

-Keep in mind I am ONE person handling roughly 200 orders per month along with all the other sidework of running a business. I Promise everything is going out ASAP. I do my very best.