SCI wheel adapters available for the Thrustmaster TMX, 150, 300, 500. Logitech Wheels, a General 6X70 to SCI adapter is available as well. *Note- For Fanatec wheels use the 6x70 adapter if you have the Podium Hub as well as some other Fanatec models that come with a 6x70 pattern. Made from Carbon fiber infused ABS, these will hold up to whatever you throw at em. Included in a kit is the following- Adapter and screws. Screws only come with the 2 piece adapters such as the Logitech and 6x70. Screws for attaching the SCI wheel itself to the adapter are also included. THE STEERING WHEEL IS SOLD SEPARATELY. Installation of the two piece adapters are as follows. Step 1- install the 6x70 or Logitech half of the adapter onto your wheel base. Step 2- install the SCI Half of the adapter on top of the first piece and install the three included screws. Step three- Attach the wheel to the adapter using the included screws. Note some adapters have "top" written on parts of them indicating the part that needs to face up when the wheel is at the 12 o clock position. Also note that an SCI wheel weighs almost 7 pounds by itself. By putting the wheel on you are doing so at your own risk.  

SCI Wheel Adapters