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Made for the REAL Virtual Truckers. Nothing was held back on the design of this box! The XL measures 12" Tall, 12" wide and 4" deep. Features box lighting control buttons for turning on the backlighting and UV Frame Light independently. The backlighting comes standard as color changeable with a remote that lets you choose from 15 color options and 4 lighting effects. The entire box is powered and ran through a single USB cord. Even with a CB Mic! Audio transmission through the CB Mic is also sent through the single USB. The window switches work as 2 switches (up and down) so your windows work just like a real vehicle. Indicator lights for cruise, engine brake and one linked to the bottom left toggle you can use to your own liking. The lighted rocker panels come in red, green or blue lighting. The engine brake stage buttons light up with a red circle inlayed into an all metal button (they no longer come with the arrow buttons like in the picture.) The Horn button lights up as well as the Fuel button. If a CB is chosen an integrated CB Mic arm is included on your box. 2- 90 degree metal brackets are included for mounting unless you elect to go with the angle mount. If you select the "choose your own" option for the faceplate, please message our Facebook page with your desired design as well as if you have a logo you want on your faceplate. BE AWARE, Black font does not show up well on the wood faceplates. White is reccomended. See the "videos" tab at the top of our page for a youtube video on this box. Be sure to read the policies page on our site before ordering. Notice* the pictured toggle extensions are not included with the box. Please note the estimated shipping times on the site's home page. Toggle Extensions are bought separate. Not included. View Video Here and subscribe!> Updated 1/28/24

Patriot XL Box

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