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**This Product will always be listed as out of stock. Contact us to be added to the waiting list. The Mother of all Button Boxes is here. This assembly comes with 2 boxes. (Left and Right) The right side measures 19" long, 10" tall and 11" deep at its thickest point. The Angle of the right box allows for almost 24" of Face. The left box measures 8" wide, 10" tall and 4" thick at its thickest point. (Not counting cupholders.) The two Boxes plug together in the middle and the entire assembly runs off of one USB. (CB option requires a second USB) Each button on this box is rated Heavy Duty. Labels and icons inside the buttons and indicator lights are changeable. The buttons come in Brushed (Pictured) or black. Cupholders are included on the left box. New features include a spring loaded trailer brake lever, air suspension controls, 4 indicator lights, Audio controls and real truck brake knobs are included on this model. Shipping is NOT Free on these unlike other items. I allow one live order and 3 pre orders. After that there is a waiting list. Once entering the pre order stage the payment of $1099 is due. Only 50% is refundable if you change your mind. Shipping and any add on options will be due when your order goes from pre order to live. A Phone meeting is required to discuss customization options as well as custom mounting needs. NO SHIPPING TIMEFRAME IS GIVEN ON THESE. In the future I hope to narrow in on a timeframe.

Patriot Dash

Out of Stock
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