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Fits Forever sharp 5 hole Wheels. All adapters include bolts for installation. You Must have the horn bezel for the included bolts to work. If you have a wheel with no bezel, you will Just need to get shorter M5 Bolts. The Logitech adapter fits the G25,G27,G29 and G920. The Thrustmaster 300 adapter fits The T300, T500, TX, TS XW, T-GT II, TS-XW Racer and the TS-PC Racer. An adapter for the Thrustmaster TMX pro is also available. The 6x70 to Forever sharp adapter takes you from a 6x70 pattern to the forever sharp 5 hole pattern. *Wheel not included and sold separately. *Add extra weight to your wheel servo at your own risk.

Forever Sharp Wheel Adapters

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