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Once bought, you will receive a document file with a download link. Installation instructions are also on this document file. On this truck there are three cab options (Day cab, Mid Roof, Condo) with accessories as well as aftermarket accessories. Day Cab has 4x2 and 6x4 frames and Mid Rood/Condo has a 6x4 frame. (more coming in updates as well as a drop axle.) More and more will be added to it through updates. As of right now there are 47 skins. 32 real company skins and the rest are custom skins. PLEASE be respectful of our work and the other modders who had months of work into this truck and do not share. If you share or leak the mod, you will recieve no updates for it. Which means the next time the game updates the mod will be unuseable. The template for skinning is in the main file as well as the open def file. For a video on the truck, see the videos tab on the website.  Notice* being a digital item, refunds are not given for mods once purchased. CREDITS: Justin Handermann ATSA Modding - 3d model supply, 3d parts modelling most accessories (a lot more to come.)In Game- David Stottlemire. Animation, Fixes, Supplying Frame Model, modding advice, UI Shadow- Pizzster Modding. Frame work-850 Modding Models.

Patriotliner Cascadia Mod

$29.99 Regular Price
$24.99Sale Price
  • Add the mod to your cart and checkout. Double check your e mail when checking out to make sure its correct. Momentarily, you will recieve an E mail with a document file in it. In this document is a link to download the truck and other files. Place the truck, light pack, skin pack and open def in your mod folder and actiavte in mod manager.

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